Can You See Me?

So today’s post is about health and fitness.

As most of you know I made some new goals for 2019, and one of the big goals is to lose almost 100 pounds. 💪

That being said, I started weight watchers again on January 1st. I have used this program so many times, and each time it works, BUT I just never stick it out long enough to reach my goal. I don’t stay committed.

This was my first full week back on Weight Watchers and it was quite interesting! Haha! I use the weight watchers app only. Meaning, I don’t go to the actual Weight Watchers place for meetings.

So on the app, they have a place to connect with other members of Weight Watchers. The best way I can explain it is to say it is basically a facebook for people trying to lose weight. You can post a “status”, you can read other people’s posts, and you can even follow other members.

I have been trying to actively go on the Weight Watchers connect daily for inspiration. I have joined a group (like a facebook page) for people in their 20’s who are trying to lose weight. I also joined a group for people who need to lose 100 pounds, and another group for beginners.

I have asked members for snack ideas, I’ve vented about my own journey (the poor souls), and have received some very positive motivation from people on connect.

When I first started I was drinking a TON of water and it was rough because I was having to pee A LOT. I still drink quite a bit of water – not as much – I cut out 24 ounces. The good thing is that my body has adjusted and I pee on a normal basis now haha!

I was somewhat hungry in the beginning, but honestly, now that it has been a week I am fine with the amount that I am eating. In fact, I am finding that at the end of the day I still have points left so I use some for a “dessert” and still have points leftover. So even though I am not using my full points, I am feeling satisfied. Which is good!!

For food this week my breakfast consisted mainly of this ….

2-3 eggs (0 points)

3 pieces of turkey bacon (1 point)

1 piece of 40 calorie bread (1 point) OR 1 light English muffin (3 points) OR 1 thin bagel (3 points) OR 1 La Tortilla Low carb flour tortilla (2 points)

This would result in a breakfast anywhere from 2-4 points. Not bad!

My other breakfast alternative was …

1/2 cup Fiber One cereal (2 points)

1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (0 points)

1 Banana, cut up and put into the cereal (0 points)

This would result in a breakfast of about 2 points.

For lunches I would make anything from English muffin pizzas, a chicken caesar wrap, a tuna sandwich, chicken, burritos, etc.

Dinners were things like fish, spaghetti, roast, ham, chicken, etc.

And of course my big thing lately has been avocado!! So yummy! So I have avocado with toast, or on my pizzas, or in my salads.

Snacks usually consist of fruit, veggies, baby goldfish, mini pretzels, applesauce, nuts, deli meet, string cheese, etc.

I got this really neat idea from another member who said to buy baby goldfish and mini pretzels because the serving size for those are HUGE and so you can potentially “eat more” and have that movement of reaching for food and bringing it to your mouth over and over like you would with chips, or popcorn or something like that. GENIUS!

I also found this recipe where you take chocolate graham crackers and you put a layer of cool whip on the inside and smash them together. You freeze them to make “ice cream sandwiches”. So that has been my treat at night when I want something chocolate.

So today was my first weigh in day. I just wanted to lose 1 pound so that I could put a marble in the jar, and feel about starting this again.

Well I did lose a pound!!!

In fact, I lost 4.8 pounds to be exact!!!

I know a lot of it is water weight but honestly, I have been working so hard. I have been eating right, I have been drinking water (which I was never good at before), and I have been working out every day for 30 minutes (which is something I never was good at either).

So I am so proud of myself for losing that much! It makes me want to stay overly motivated, and I am sorry for those who are annoyed at that. But honestly, if I don’t exaggerate things and seem super into it, then I am afraid I will get discouraged. So, by being active on the weight watchers connect, and getting ideas, and posting about my journey I can help keep myself in check and also motivated to keep going.

I am excited and nervous to see what this next week will bring!




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