ENT Update

So it’s Thursday, which means I’m due on an update with things.

As most of you know I lost 1.8 pounds this week for a grand total of 6.6 so that’s pretty exciting!

Although … I woke up yesterday morning feeling 🤒 under the weather. First of all, I have a sty in my right eye, so my eye feels extra tender, and then I am sneezing, warm, and a bit of a stuffed nose (more so than usual). But I must go on …

It’s also been raining like crazy here, which is sooo nice but it makes me not want to do anything. I want to just sit at home listening to the rain under a blanket. But alas, I can’t. There’s this thing called 💵 money that I need, therefore I work.

I forgot to mention that we had a scary moment where our dog looked like she was choking or as if she had something in her mouth but she couldn’t get it out. But she could breath … AND eat.

So it took 3 of us to remove the object. My mom held her down, I held the flashlight down her mouth and my dad was the one to try and get it.

It was part of a branch stuck on the roof of her mouth going horizontal, so from one tooth to the other – COMPLETELY stuck in place. Luckily we got it out, and as soon as we did, she was back to her normal happy self haha!!

This morning I went to the ENT and was able to talk to my doctor about my sinus problems. Most of you know I have had 2 surgeries on my sinus cavity over the last couple years. Well, my sinuses have been acting up again so I went to the ENT.

By the way, the results from the CT scan showed that cysts had formed on both sides.

So, anyway, he sprayed this stuff up my nose to kind of numb it (which ends up going down my throat some) and then he takes the nasal endoscope (a camera) and puts it up my nose to see if he can see anything unusual. It’s kind of a weird sensation – knowing this long tube is going up your nose. For the most part I couldn’t feel it, but every once in awhile he would touch a spot where it was like ooh yeah I felt that hahaha!

Anyway, he confirmed that he himself could see some cysts up there, although he couldn’t see too much on the right because he couldn’t get the tube all the way back. He told me that from the report he got from the CT, it didn’t sound too bad, but the fact that I am having pain and discomfort is a bit concerning to him. So, he prescribed me an oral medication that I have to take a bunch of times every day for a bit, and a certain saline. He said this should help. He is going to review the CT scan himself, and give me a call about it. And then he wants to see me after the medication to see if there was any improvement or not.

So, hopefully this medicine will help and I won’t need to do another surgery. I honestly don’t care if the cysts stay, I just want the constant headaches and pain to go away. So fingers crossed that this helps!

As far as my job – it is going well. It’s a bit rough being back at work when I was being a lazy butt for so long, but I am excited to get some money finally haha. I need it.

Overall, things are looking up which is great! ❤️


So after I wrote this lovely post, I may or may not have had a massive bloody nose – and I mean massive. I was about to walk out the door to work, when I felt like my nose was gonna run. So I grabbed a tissue to blow my nose and then I saw blood. I thought, oh weird, it’s blood (hahah!). My nose is often a bit bloody with my sinus problems, but usually dried blood. But then it just kept coming and coming and coming. And then it started bleeding from both nostrils. Great.

So I’m standing there over the sink alternating between pinching my nose, letting it drip, and placing ice on my nose. Finally I started to blow my nose because it just kept clotting – which is good – but it kept clotting right there at the end of my nose. Meaning the smallest little breath in or out of my nose would mean blood bath 2. So when it would start to clot, I would blow and try to get that stuff out. And boy did I get stuff out!!! (It was like my surgery all over again). It kept bleeding and bleeding, and I remembered we had Afrin Spray which is what I used when I had my surgery. So I sprayed my nose, and kept doing the pinching, blowing, icing, and clotting. Finally, about 25 minutes later – LITERALLY – 25 minutes later, the bleeding stopped. It was sooo crazy!

Needless to say, I got to work late. Once the bleeding stopped I had to wash up and change my shirt – cuz yo girl got messy hahaha. I’m guessing the camera maybe hit a cyst or irritated my nose. I will say that I don’t feel plugged right now 😂

Update again: Blood bath 2 happened. If it happens again in the morning I’m calling the doctor 😩


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