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What is the best way you have found to wake up on time?


So, I recently found the site Quora, and I thought there were some interesting questions on there with some interesting answers from people. That being said, I figured it would be fun to go over one each week.

From what you can see, this weeks question is what is the best way you have found to wake up on time?

And I am honestly curious to know what you do to wake up on time. Most of us have to wake up at a certain time during the week due to work or school, and so how do you make sure you get up on time? Admit it, I know most of you push that snooze button – and not just once haha.


Wilhelmina Prins (a user on Quora) said that they tried going to sleep early in order to wake up one time. 


I totally agree with this. I usually don’t have a problem getting up on time, but I am usually really tired if I have to get up early. So, by going to sleep early, it does actually help my body not be as tired when my alarm goes off.


Cliff Clavin (a user on Quora) said that they “keep a regular schedule by going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time every day”.


I can totally understand this one. By keeping a routine you are getting your body used to getting up at a certain time and training your body to work and respond to so many hours of sleep.


Carlos Allende (a user on Quora) said that they don’t drink coffee late. 


I think this can include any type of caffeinated beverage that may keep you awake and wired haha!


Vishal Jain (a user on Quora) said, “Best way to get up in the morning is by having a reason to get up … See for many of us getting up in the morning and going to work has nothing exciting about it, our days are just same of that everyday monotonous grind, and with this sort of life we always keep waiting for weekends to do something exciting, so how to get something exciting in the morning itself? Find a purpose, a reason to do more in life rather than mere existing. I know it’s easy spoken than done but when it’s done your life become a joyride, you just don’t want to sleep longer, you feel the kick to get up early morning and start working towards that purpose. Every night before sleeping think of the vision you have for your life, where you want to reach, visualize it feel it, get emotional with it. Then think of the things you can do which will help you reach that vision, what will happen is that you have emotionally connected with the task and they are no longer just grind, in the morning you will be excited to do all of those things and you won’t have to wait for weekends to feel excited!”


I will admit I kind of laughed when I read this. Like have a reason to get up? Find a purpose? I guess I haven’t found my purpose to get up yet because every morning my bed still calls to me hahah! But I do get that to a degree. When you have things you love, you look forward to the day. ❤️


Salvador Hirth (a user on Quora) suggested to turn off everything but an alarm. 


I can agree with this. As soon as I get in bed I am usually on my phone for about 30 minutes to 1 hour which I know isn’t good. Plus if you get a text it can be distracting because you want to know what it says.

For me, I have found that going to bed at a reasonable hour helps. If I don’t get enough sleep then I find myself moving slowly in the morning. I think I have only slept past my alarm twice – and one of those times was because I forgot to set an alarm. So, if I go to bed at a reasonable hour then I will remember to actually set my alarm.

I also find that popping up right away helps. I know this sounds weird, but seriously! As soon as my alarm goes I immediately turn it off and get out of bed. It is what does the trick for me. It doesn’t mean I am not tired, because I am … but it ensures that I actually get up on time rather than falling back asleep. That is why I never do the snooze button.

I do think a routine can help as well. During the week I usually have a pretty set routine. I am always tired, but I think the routine helps my body physically to get up haha.

What do you do to make sure you get up on time?? Any crazy tips we should try??

Maybe you wake up like this lady does in The Secret Life of Pets 2 (watch the first 38 seconds to see her secret tip).

To read the full list of answers that people gave you can find it here on Quora for this question.

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