Surprised on the Scale

Today I stepped on the scale and I felt like my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped to the floor.

I’ve been on a steroid for my sinuses this week and so I was worried that it would make me feel bloated. To top it off, I also started my period the other day which I thought, well this will not be a good weigh in.

I got the scale expecting to be the same or up a bit. I was nervous because last week I didn’t lose as much as the first week. But I prepared my mind so that I wouldn’t be too hurt.

I got on the scale this morning and I couldn’t believe it.

I figured I would go up a few ounces, but instead the scale told me I lost 5 pounds!!

I couldn’t believe it! That means in 3 weeks I have lost 11.6 pounds and I am very happy about that!

Today I have felt so pumped. It’s like I was hit with a piece of dynamite haha! I am feeling so motivated and ready for this week.

I tried new recipes this week, some new snacks and I will share a few pictures with you!


Here are 5 more why’s from my list:

  1. To not be made fun of
  2. To be liked by guys
  3. To have others think I am pretty
  4. To like what I see in the mirror
  5. To not have to wear sweaters or longer short sleeve shirts all the time to hide my upper arms


I have an instagram page where I post everyday the things I eat, and motivational quotes and I follow a bunch of other ww people. And it is very motivational for me. This is going to be such a hard and long journey, but I know it will be worth it. I’m tired of seeing everybody else make their goal, and not me. But this time, it will be me!

5 thoughts on “Surprised on the Scale

  1. gigglingfattie says:

    I love when a person takes an interest in their body to be healthy and the best they can be. Although I do just want to say: don’t lose weight for boys! I thought I’d never have a boyfriend because of my size but that’s simply just not the case! Boys will always be concerned with looks – but men will see the amazing person you are inside and out and not be concerned with the size of your waist! 😉 do it for you and your confidence will soar. And confidence, not size, is sexy.

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    • Kaitlin Chase says:

      Hahha yeah I know. My number one reason is not for boys. Haha although it will help. I am doing it because I don’t feel pretty. I don’t like what I see and it’s okay because I’m not at a healthy weight. Technically I am very obese for my height and age. So I know I need to lose a lot. I have about 80 something more pounds to go. But you are right, don’t do it for guys. My goal this year is to focus on myself and not guys. I have a weight goal I want to reach. I have the goal to be more positive, more charitable, and more spiritual. I want to focus on becoming better this year because I know I am not at a place for a boyfriend right now. I know that with time I will be able to look in the mirror every day and love what I see. Don’t worry, it’s all for me! All the other why’s are just extra stuff 🙂 but thank you!! So sweet of you to look out for me!

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      • gigglingfattie says:

        Those are some awesome reasons to lose weight! Do it for yourself! I am considered obese for my height and age as well. When I was in my mid-20’s though, something changed for me. Other than being heavy, im not unhealthy so that’s important to me. It’s all about being happy with what you see in the mirror. And if you’re working towards that, then that’s amazing! I hope you get to see it soon! I tried to bribe myself to get to a specific weight: if I got there then I’d get another tattoo. It’s a solid joke haha cos I’m never really focused on dropping weight but rather loving me. And im there, it took a long long time to get there but I got there. So my extra tattoo is probably going to have to sit and wait for a while haha

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