Did You Miss Me?

Sorry I didn’t write my update on Thursday, but this week has been pretty busy. I just never had time to sit down and write anything.

This week my mom had her surgery on her eye so she has had to keep her head down 24/7. It’s hard for her and she is getting restless, but my dad and I have been trying to do all we can to make it a little more comfortable. By Monday she should be able to sit up more while her eye continues to heal.

I have been trying new recipes this week and trying new meals which has been fun. This week I made some raspberry turnovers which were amazing. I’ll post about that on Tuesday.

I got my nails done today which was a nice treat! I will also post a picture on Tuesday.

Oh and I also went and saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was pretty cute, I liked it!

So, today’s question is …

What movie first comes to mind when hearing the word “lion”?

For me the first movie that comes to mind is The Lion King – because let’s be real, it’s a classic and it’s great. (Also if you didn’t know they are remaking Lion King which I am super excited about!).

The only other movie that comes to mind is The Chronicles of Narnia – which I should actually watch that one again, because it has been awhile.

What movie comes to your mind?

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