Another One Bites the Dust

So today was my weigh in day again and my last one for the month of January.

I am happy to say that I lost another 1.4 pounds!

That means I lost a total of 13 pounds in the month of January!!! 



I know that not every month is going to be like this. I feel that I got very lucky this month since I just started and put my body into shock. So, I don’t expect to lose that much every month – although If I do, I am definitely not going to complain! haha!


A continuation of my why list:

  1. To inspire others
  2. To be able to shop in the same stores as most of my friends
  3. To be in shape to be able to do more things
  4. To have more confidence
  5. To not get holes in my jeans on the inner part

It feels good to have finished a month already! I know I still have like 17 months to go before hopefully reaching my goal, but to be able to check off January feels pretty good.

I haven’t been hungry using weight watchers, which is really good. I have been able to find meals that are filling and snacks to hold me over. Pretty soon I know I am going to have to step up my exercise so my body continues to lose weight – so that won’t be fun! haha!

The one thing I do love is that on weight watchers I can still eat a lot of normal foods. I can go out to eat with friends and still be able to eat within my points.

I’m not going to say that this is easy because it’ not. But I am surprised at how well I am doing. I am not craving super rich foods, and when I am, I find ways to satisfy my needs. For example, the Built Bars are great when I am craving something chocolatey. When I want something salty I eat pretzels and the queso dip. So, it’s not too bad.

I really am hoping that through this journey I will come to love and appreciate myself and have more confidence.

I hope February is this good to me! Here I come!

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