Weekly Update

Sorry I didn’t post on Thursday – I will admit I have actually been busier with my weight loss instagram account and I have slipped a bit on my blog. Plus now that I am working again, I just don’t have as much time during the day to actually write. 😬

Well, I finished one of the steroids the ENT gave me. I have another appointment scheduled on February 7th, so we will see what he says. I felt good the first few days of the steroids – I felt like my nasal cavities were clearer than they usually are. But, now that I am just taking the nasal steroid, I feel that my headaches are coming back a bit.

My job is going fine. I help watch 2 kids in the afternoon after school until about 6:30. I don’t do a whole lot. I make sure they do their homework, and occasionally we will go and get food, or see a movie, or do something. They do have a cat though … and I am slightly allergic. So I try not to touch too many things there. If I touch my eyes without washing my hands, they itch like crazy. So I have been taking my allergy medicine before I go over there haha!

I’m excited for Sunday. So after church we are going to my brother’s house for food and the Super Bowl. I am not into the Super Bowl, but I love getting together with family and of course, food! It’s going to be a bit rough to stay on track with my points, but I am going to do it! I am just going to have a very very very low breakfast and lunch so that I can actually have points to eat there and enjoy myself.

Oh! I took one of the kids I watch to this place called Eiswalt Gelato. They make animals. They are so cute! I got the kitty, and she got the dog.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Robin Heller says:

    Kaitlyn watch your sugar levels so you don’t “crash” and binge I’m probably not the best person to give advice on weight loss and excerise hahaha I did loose 53lbs though👏👏👏👊🏻😊. I’m still fat 😐😐😐 another 53 would be terrific NEW CLOTHES🤣🤣🤣but being so so sick from Gastroparesis is horrible 🤮😰. You’re doing a great job Caitlyn I love reading your blog💕

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