Another Week on WW

Today marks another week completed on Weight Watchers.

If you remember last week I gained a little bit which kinda sucked haha. Today however, when I got on the scale I noticed that I lost the weight I gained, plus a little more! So I am back on track.

I lost 3.2 pounds this week which was great for me!

This past week was sooooo hard for me! I wanted to eat anything and everything. I was wanting to snack all the time. It was so hard to control myself. But somehow I managed. I was very proud of myself.

This week I have the afternoon off of work and so I have been really working out this week which has been really nice. I have really appreciated the time to exercise and relax and take my time.

I also found some new ice cream flavors that I like. It is the brand Yasso and so far my favorite is the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor! So yummy! I love cookie dough. The only thing is that it is a bit expensive, but really good. It’s a greek yogurt ice cream and oh so good!

I also became a SmartSweets Champion. What is that and what does it mean? SmartSweets are a brand of candy with low sugar – so you can have the same yummy treat without all the guilt. Basically what it means is that I will be getting boxes of different items to help get the word out about these products. I will be getting my first box soon, so if you are interested in trying one of the candies, let me know and I can give you one to try. It also means that I will be able to give my input and opinions with new products that they come out with.

Anyway, so far I have lost 16.8 pounds since January 1st! Yay me! Also, I made enough points and I was able to get the Weight Watchers cookbook for FREE! So, that was another plus because of my hard work.

It is getting to be a rough journey. I feel that I am starting to hit that point where it’s getting to a bit rough, but I’m trying. I am moving forward. I use instagram a lot and I get a lot of support and ideas from there which helps a lot!

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