So today was my weigh in day like it is every week. I was a bit nervous because I just finished my time of the month and so I knew I was probably going to be a bit more bloated than usual. But this morning I still woke up and weighed myself and I didn't … Continue reading WW Me

Every Day

So as I'm laying here in bed, I'm on my phone like most of us are, and I see this picture that my friend posted. And that picture inspired me to write something. I love this. Some of us may have the attitude of Charlie. That we only live once. Which is true if we … Continue reading Every Day

Rome Italy

So most of you know that I am a Christian. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most people have seen our temples around the world, but may not know what they are actually used for. Our church recently came out with a beautiful video where they give a tour of … Continue reading Rome Italy