Twenty Two & Through and Through

So, today was my weigh in day and let’s just say I had SUCCESS!



Yeah, you saw that right! I lost 2.8 pounds this week which makes a grand total of 22.2 pounds since January 1st. I couldn’t be happier!!! I am so proud of myself for staying strong for these last 2 months. I know for those of you who may have lost a lot more may think this is a small victory and nothing to be too excited about, but for me it is! The hardest part for me is sticking to it. I have tried this many times with success, but I always give up before reaching my goal.

Last week my friend and I made a bet that whoever loses 30 pounds first has to buy the other one dinner … so needless to say this is something that is motivating me to move because I want to get a free meal haha! But let’s be real, even if I don’t win, it is definitely motivating me to stay on track because of course I want to win.

I have an instagram account specifically for my weight loss and it has been SO helpful. I never really did this all the other times, but I have noticed how much it is helping me. Why? Because I am constantly seeing the success of other people, the struggles that other people also have, and I have the support of a lot of people. I have also been able to find new recipes on there as well.

We also celebrate NSV’s which are Non Scale Victories. My Non Scale Victory this week was that I was able to fit into my jacket that I haven’t been able to button up in a long time. I was sooo happy when I realized it fit!! Also, I tried on a pair of black skinny jeans today that I have which already fit me, but I realized today they fit even better! Small victories!!

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