So today was my weigh in day like it is every week. I was a bit nervous because I just finished my time of the month and so I knew I was probably going to be a bit more bloated than usual. But this morning I still woke up and weighed myself and I didn’t cry. haha. I was down 0.2 pounds. So, I’ll take it. It’s not exactly what I wanted to see, but it also isn’t something bad. It can be a bit discouraging sometimes when you eat good all week, exercise a lot, and still only lose 0.2 pounds.

I will say this … I am so grateful for all the people I follow on Instagram. There are so many amazing people out there who have had so much success and who are an inspiration for me.

If you are wanting to follow other weight watcher members, I will post some instagram accounts below.

  1. feliciafitnesshealth  — She has lost 145 lbs naturally with WW
  2. britt_pope   — She has lost 79 pounds with WW
  3. fat2fitgirl55    — She has lost 39 pounds with WW
  4. wwemily_      –She has lost about 37 pounds with WW and has great food plates
  5. bnipfit    — She has lost 70 pounds
  6. comicanthonyd     — He has lost 171.2 pounds so far on WW and he has a podcast that is super good to listen to! I like listening to it on my way home from work. He talks about his struggles, success, and has guests on his show. The podcast is called The WW Bro Podcast and you can also find him on facebook where he has video versions.


This is definitely going to be a very long journey, and I know there are going to be days and weeks where it will feel impossible, but I can’t wait for the day when I can look back and be grateful I kept going.



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