Random Things

So I realize I have been posting a lot about my weight loss journey, and that is about it. I know that is kind of boring for some of you. So I thought I would do a random update about a bunch of stuff. The problem is that since I am not working with little kids anymore I don’t have a ton of funny stories anymore, so my days are usually pretty boring. haha.

I will say this though, yesterday I went to pick up the 12 year old boy from school that I watch and I had a moment where I thought, “this is what parenting is about”. So let me explain. He got in the car a little upset and when I asked him what was wrong he told me that a kid had thrown a rock at his head. I am sure there are millions of moments like this as a parent where a child comes to you with something that is wrong, or where they need advice, etc and your words as a parent are going to matter a lot. It’s kind of a scary thought if you think about it.

One fun thing I have been doing lately is that I have been looking at houses with my parents online. They are wanting to retire in a few years so they are starting to look at different options. So it is fun to look at different places and be amazed at different properties haha.

I tried Zumba this past week. Man that stuff is intense! At least the one I did. I was sweating pretty dang good. But it’s pretty fun. It is definitely a good work out for sure. I like it just because it is has different moves and each song is different.

I also bought a cross stitch for me to do while at work because sometimes I have some down time. I chose this picture because of my weight loss journey. I thought it fit perfectly. (This picture is what it will look like when it is done, so far I have only done the letters).

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.48.33 AM.png


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