Need to Know WW Foods

I decided to do a post with some food items that I have found to be quite yummy on my weight watchers journey. I am still learning as I go, and I keep finding new products, but there are some that I use right now that I am very grateful for! These aren’t actually from weight watchers, but they are low in points so they work for me!

**This post contains affiliate links**

1. Peanut Butter Brownie Smash Quest Protein Bar

(Click on the picture if interested!)

If you have not tried these, you are MISSING OUT! And I am not even joking. I don’t eat them because of the protein, although it is a great source of protein. I eat them because it is DESSERT for my belly! It’s the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter. I have tried some of their other flavors, and some of them are pretty decent … but this is the one I cannot live without. The chocolate literally does taste like a brownie. It does have full nuts mixed in, so if you aren’t a fan of actual peanuts, you may not like this very much. But I recommend giving them a shot.

2. Cary’s Sugar Free Syrup

(Click on the picture if interested!)

This is the syrup I use all the time. It is a sugar free and low calorie syrup. There are some sugar free items that taste a bit off to me – such as certain jams – but I don’t get that vibe with this product. This is one of those sugar free items that I actually love. For me on weight watchers I love it because I can have a little for 0 points, or 1/4 cup for just 1 point. So if you are looking for a low calorie option, this may be the syrup for you.

3. Oceanspray Diet Juices

(Click on the picture if interested!)

So I like these juices because they are 0 points on weight watchers which is ALWAYS a plus! For me I like to enjoy it cold, so I will either keep it in the fridge or pour a glass with ice. With this one, it is a bit of a stronger flavor than normal juice, but to me when you drink it cold, it is definitely worth it.

4. Smart Sweets Low Carb, Low Sugar Sour Gummy Bears

(Click on the picture if interested!)

These are a bit pricey, but if you don’t mind spending the money or looking for coupons or deals, these are a good treat when you want sugar. They offer regular gummy bears and a version of Swedish fish as well. My favorite flavor are the sour ones just because I love sour products haha! As far as weight watcher goes each individual bag is 3 points, so it’s a great movie snack!

This is the assorted package. So if you would like to try one of each of their flavors, this would be a great option to go with. I do recommend trying each flavor,  just because even though I like the sour ones the best, doesn’t mean you will. So check both of these out!

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