Going Down, But Feeling High

So Tuesday was my weigh in day and well, it wasn’t that great. I lost 0.2 pounds this week. It’s hard when you get on the scale and it barely budges at all when you know you have been exercising and eating right. That is what happened this week. But I’m not going to give up. I’m going to stick with it!

IMG_4098 3.jpg

I am almost to 30 pounds which is INSANE to me! I still have SO far to go, but I slowly making it! I have 69.8 pounds to go. Which sounds like a lot, but as long as I take it one week at a time, I’m okay.

What is amazing is that my BMI has dropped from 41.3 to 36.6 so that is some progress! And I have lost about 4 inches in my hips which is AWESOME! And about 3 inches in my stomach which makes me happy!

I recently just got a new sports bra from Shefit that I actually really like. I kept seeing it on Instagram and so I finally got it. You guys, I hate sports bras because they are always so thin and I don’t like things showing … so the last few times I have been going to the gym, I would wear an old bra and then a thing sports bra over it hahahah!!! So I am SO happy I finally got a REAL sports bra that is adjustable and has nice padding. Plus the color is BEAUTIFUL!

As far as exercise goes, I have been starting to run a bit on the treadmill. I hate it haha. I hate running, and so I am so proud of myself for doing it. I try to do a walk/run when I do it. So it’s not just straight running. That would kill me. I am not quite there yet. This last time I did a bit longer than usual on the treadmill which was AMAZING to me. I was so proud of myself. I was sweating like crazy, and probably breathing hard (I had my headphones, and just don’t care) but I did it! I did a 5 min walk to warm up, then about 15 minuets of walking 1 minute and running 2 minutes. Then I did 1 minute walking, 1 minute running. Then a few minutes to cool down of just walking. So I did it for a total of 35 minutes when normally I do just 15 minutes. A big accomplishment for me.

I know this journey won’t be easy. It hasn’t been so far. But I want to make it. I want to be healthier, I want to feel better, and I want to learn to love myself.

I use this app called Face Story to make a video of how my face changes throughout the process. I take a photo the beginning of every month so I only have 4 photos so far, but I think you can see a difference. If you want to check it out, just go to My Facial Weight Loss to see my progress each month. So be sure to look every month!

I also take my measurements the beginning of every month, so if you want to see how many inches I lose over the process, you can check out My Measurements which I will be updating every month.

I also have a “why list” or in other words reasons of why I am doing this. Someone told me I should keep a list on my phone so that whenever I think of a new reason, I can easily add it. So I thought I would post what I have so far. If you want to check out my reasons, go to My Why List.

I am also going to start posting recipes that I use on weight watchers. So if you are interested in making something different, you can try out these recipes. I’ll try to add about a recipe a week. Just go to Recipes for new ideas!

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