From Vacay to Staycay

Well, I went on a short vacation to see my younger sister graduate from Brigham Young University Idaho and it was fun! While I was on vacation for those 4 days I decided not to worry about what I ate … meaning I wasn’t going to stay within my points on weight watchers. I could have eaten somewhat healthy, but my thought process was that I wanted to eat things that I knew I wouldn’t choose to eat when I went back to eating healthy.

So I ate a burger, fries, a shake, Chinese food, pizza, etc. I ate what I wanted BUT I did track it in my weight watchers app so I could see how many points everything was. It did kind of hurt me to go in the negatives for my weekly points because I NEVER use my weeklies.

But, the one day we were at a hotel I used their gym and did a quick 15 minute workout and then as soon as we got back home, the next day I worked out for 50 minutes and got back on track with eating healthy. So while I felt a bit bad for eating so crappy, I feel good knowing I got right back on track okay.

I will say this, while all that food was AMAZING, it did nothing good for my body. After the 3rd day I was feeling bloated and here comes TMI … gassy. haha! Like for reals, that junk did nothing good for me! It was tasty! But so bad for me. So I am glad to be back home eating “healthier” food and exercising.

I don’t like going to the gym, but I do it. And while I don’t feel good doing it, I always feel good after haha! So I guess that is the good thing.

This week I gained which isn’t surprising because I was eating garbage for almost the whole week. But, I was happy that it wasn’t too much of a gain.

IMG_4098 4.jpg

It’s a bit hard to see the number on the left go up, and the number on the right go down … BUT I am so proud of myself for getting right back up after my vacation because once you go off (even for a day) it can be hard to get back on track.

So props to all of you who are doing this day after day! I know how hard it can be!

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