Online Dating: Lovable or Laughable?

Online dating … is it something to love or something to laugh at?

Loveable or Laughable?

I really have mixed feelings with online dating. I recently joined the online dating community once again, but after about a week I am already sick of it.

First of all, what are people usually looking at first? Let’s be honest … they usually just judge you on your pictures. They swipe based on whether they think you are “hot” or not. Which I understand to a degree, because we need to be attracted to the person physically, but some people take it too far. Let me explain.

There are a lot of people who just want to be matched with people to “boost” their self esteem I guess. But then they don’t talk to or want anything to do with you. They just like the satisfaction of knowing that someone else in the world thinks they are attractive and that they are wanted.

So let me tell you about my experience this time around, and I will be honest and say it has been like this EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I keep going back with the hope that the next time it will be different. So far, it hasn’t.

The Non-Talkers

I will match with a good number of men and about 95% WILL NOT talk to me. AT ALL. I will wait to see if they will message me first and when they don’t then I will be the one to message them. And they will never answer me back. The annoying thing is that I know they are active on the app because they just matched with me a few days ago. So it’s not like they swiped on me a couple months ago and just don’t use the app anymore. And, you can always unmatch with someone … so if they see a message from me and decide they don’t want to talk with me, why not just unmatch with me?

The Small Talkers

There is about 3% that will message me a few times and then fall off the face of the earth forever and just stop talking to me. Am I really that boring? I mean I get it, it’s different talking to someone online rather than in person, but come on.

The Decent Ones

And then there is 2% where I have been able to have some pretty good conversations and go on a date with, but nothing happens (sometimes because of my choice, and sometimes because of them).

I just don’t understand what is going through these guys heads. Why are you on a dating site when you don’t plan on talking to people? Are all guys on there just to feel good about themselves? Are they all wanting one night things? I really don’t understand.

I understand that the online dating world has been successful for so many people, including actual people I personally know who have gotten married from it. But I just don’t have any luck with it. EVER.

So, after sitting here thinking … I think I have been out with 5 different guys from the online dating world in the past 4 years. Not that great. Granted, there was a time where I went out a few times with the same guy, but I just don’t have great results.

The last time I was on a dating site I even had a friend help choose the photos, and write my bio … and still I got nothing.

I either have a hideous face or one that is just too dang attractive for people haha! 😂 

I know one of the problems is with my self esteem, but I feel that if people truly took the time to get to know me, they would like what they see. I am who I am, and there are obviously things I am working on, but I’m still looking for love. Even the hunchback of Notre Dame deserves love haha.

I was looking at random statistics … and I don’t know if they are true, but let’s go with them.

  • Only 59% of people say online dating is a good way to meet people
  • 66% of online dating users say they have gone a date with someone they met online
  • 20% of committed relationships start online
  • 17% of marriages started online
  • 64% are looking for someone with common interests
  • 49% are looking for someone with good looks

So what do you think of online dating? Is it lovable or laughable?

For me, it is pretty laughable. But then again, I haven’t had any luck.

If you had success please comment below! We would love to hear how you met and where you are today.

If you have had some pretty crappy experiences and want to share, feel free to comment as well.



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