A Mile Long

So I don’t believe I posted this week about my weight loss yet. Sorry! The beginning of this week was pretty busy, but here I am!


This week I lost … nothing. I actually gained 2 pounds. Like, what?! haha! But I blame my time of the month and a new antibiotic I just started. However, I am feeling good! So that is all that matters! I am learning to be more positive and healthy mentally, not just physically.

I was talking with a friend about my weight loss and I put these two pictures side by side to demonstrate my progress – which made me EXTREMELY happy! The scale isn’t everything folks!!! Sometimes even when the number on the scale isn’t what we want to see, we have victories in other places. We lose inches, we fit in new clothes, we do more exercises than before, etc.



I was feeling down the morning I weighed myself, but I went to the gym and had a really good workout and then took this photo and I felt really good! This is what I had as the caption for this photo on my Instagram.


Raw – Real – Real Emotions


So today was my weigh in day and I went up … which was awful to see since last week I hit my 30 pounds mark. Not anymore haha. I blame it on the fact that I just started my period… we can blame everything on that and our hormones right??


Anyway, I went to the gym this morning and I felt pretty good afterwards. And I was talking to someone about my weight loss and they wanted to see if I had a picture before for comparison. So that made me create this – which made me feel even better.


I know that I am up this week on the scale, BUT I feel good. I feel happy. I look at these two pictures and I feel good knowing that I can see the difference


Some days I look in the mirror and I feel like I still see the girl on the left, but today is different. Today I am the girl on the right. Confident, happy, and strong


I never used to go to the gym and now I have a membership and I go a couple times a week. Me, the girl who never ran, now runs about 6 minutes in the gym. Me, who has flabby arms and has never done weight lifting before, is now exploring and using weight machines. I even worked out my glutes today (yeah you heard me right)


4 months have gone by and I have not given up yet. I am proud of myself. I am happier, healthier, and pushing myself in ways I never thought possible


One day I will reach my goal. And when I do I will be SUPER EXCITED. But for now, I’m proud of the weight I have lost so far, and I am proud of the girl who I have become. I try. I push. I keep going


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So, apart from the scale, today I decided at the gym that I would run as much as I could to make a mile. I wanted to see what time I would get if I ran a mile. Up to this point what I would do is run a minute, walk a minute, etc. So this time I tried running the whole thing. Let me tell you, it sucked haha. But I think I only walked about 3 minutes total. I did 1.02 miles in 12:57.

1.02 MILES IN 12:57

I was proud of myself! I did what I could, and that’s it. I pushed myself to run as much as I could, and while I was sweating sooooo much, I was sooooo proud of myself!! I hope that with time I can lower that time, and maybe run more. I also want to try doing it outside and see if it that makes a difference. Maybe it will be easier, maybe harder.


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