Our Messes

So today I was visiting another ward for church since I was traveling this weekend and there were soooo many good things taught. I walked away with 3 pages of notes and thoughts. I was so happy! I got a lot out of church today.

Instead of sharing everything with you, I decided to share just one of the stories I heard that I really liked.

One of the guys got up and started talking about his week. He said that he was watching his 3 year old niece or cousin (I can’t remember) and he wasn’t paying too much attention to her. She had been painting and then all of a sudden he realizes the mess she made. He tells her to go into the bathroom to clean herself and that he would clean the mess in the room. Only he forgot that a 3 year old doesn’t exactly know to clean properly. She came out of the bathroom with not only paint on her hands, but now paint was on her arms and all over her face. He explained that he forgot that sometimes children that young don’t know how to clean up their mess.

He then went on and said the same goes for us. Sometimes we don’t know how to clean up our mess, but that is where Christ comes into play. Christ atoned for us. He is there to help us and guide us and tell us how to clean up the mess we make ourselves. Because sometimes … we just can’t do it ourselves.


Such a great story to use. I am going to remember this one!

It’s true. Sometimes we mess up and we just don’t know how to fix it. And that’s okay. But if we turn to Christ, then He will help guide us to clean up our mess. And sometimes it’s a long process. Sometimes it requires more than just washing our hands. But the point is that with His help, we can clean it completely.

I know Christ is our Savior. I know He loves us. And I know He is there for us all the time.

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