Answers to Prayer

So I recently made the goal to start reading a talk every day and today’s talk was titled “Answers to Prayer” by Elder Brook P. Hales. I’m choosing certain talks on purpose – ones that I find are most needed for me in this moment of my life.

There were a lot of great things from this talk that I would like to share with you. Of course, I encourage you to read the talk yourself because it may mean something different to you and the experiences you are encountering in your life at this moment.

“Because of that perfect love, He blesses us not only according to our desires and needs but also according to His infinite wisdom”

. . .

“The Father is aware of us, knows our needs, and will help us perfectly.”

God loves us no matter what. And He blesses us according to the things of our heart, BUT He also blesses us according to His infinite wisdom. To me this means that God knows everything. He can see everything. He knows what is best. So while we may desire to have something and while He may want to give us that, He may end up blessing us in a different way that is better. He knows what we need and what we are going through.

He will help us perfectly – what a powerful phrase. He may not help us like we want, but rather as He sees fit. Which is perfectly.

“When we honor our covenants and strive to be more like our Savior, we are entitled to a constant stream of divine guidance through the influence and inspiration of the Holy Ghost.”

What greater blessing can we receive than to know that we can have the constant influence of the Holy Ghost if we keep the commandments and try to be like Jesus Christ.

“Joseph the son of Jacob was envied and hated by his brothers to the point that they plotted Joseph’s murder. Instead, they sold him as a slave into Egypt. If ever a person might have felt that his prayers were not answered in the way he had hoped, it could have been Joseph. In reality, his apparent misfortune resulted in great blessings to him and saved his family from starvation.”

This particular story from the scriptures stood out to me. That would definitely be a terrible thing to go through. I would probably feel like God had given up on me. However, He hadn’t. It was all part of the bigger picture. Lots of blessings came later to Joseph – even though He couldn’t see what was to come in the moment of the trial. When I may feel things are going horribly different than I had planned, I need to remember that God knows better than I do and He knows what lies ahead. It may be part of a bigger picture.

“We have the assurance that in His own way and in His own time, Heavenly Father will bless us and resolve all of our concerns, injustices, and disappointments.”

In His own way and in His own time He will bless and help us. It’s a hard thing to accept since we (well, I) often want things our way and when we want it. But we have the promise that God will help us when He sees perfectly fit.

I don’t know when God will answer some of the questions I have been asking for … and maybe it won’t be for a long time … but I need to remember that He can see everything. He knows what lies ahead for me – and if there is a reason why I am not getting a specific answer now, it’s because of something that lies ahead.

Trust in God. Have faith in that He knows what He is doing.


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