My Why List

  1. I want to see what i would look like 90 pounds lighter
  2. I want to feel pretty
  3. I want to be able to tuck my shirt into my skirt
  4. I want to wear a bathing suit without board shorts (or at least be able to wear short ones)
  5. I want to be able to wear high waisted skirts with my shirt tucked
  6. To not be made fun of
  7. To be liked by guys
  8. To have guys think I’m pretty
  9. To like what I see in the mirror
  10. To not have to wear sweaters or longer short sleeve shirts all the time to hide my upper arms
  11. To look good in skinny jeans with a shorter shirt
  12. To be able to wear tighter dresses and not see a big belly
  13. To get rid of this double chin
  14. To be able to take a picture head on and feel comfortable
  15. To be healthy
  16. To be able to actually play games like tag and not be out of breath
  17. To be able to go hiking with friends and actually survive
  18. To have more confidence
  19. To actually prove to myself that I can actually accomplish something big
  20. So that I can hopefully live longer
  21. Be in shape so I can do more things with my future husband
  22. So I can fit nicely in roller coaster and amusement park rides
  23. To feel comfortable sitting on someone’s lap and not feel like I’m going to crush them
  24. To be able to wear a skirt to my knees and not worry about the fat rolls by my knee in the back
  25. To not have my fat rolls on my back by my bra
  26. I don’t want to have health problems like diabetes
  27. I don’t want to gain more weight and get to the point where I can’t do anything
  28. I want to be able to go shopping with my friends and shop at the same store in the same section instead of going to plus sections or plus stores
  29. So I have energy to play with my own kids one day
  30. To inspire others
  31. To not have to tug at my shirts to make them loose to hide my fat
  32. To lay down and not feel the fat under my chin
  33. To not get holes in my jeans in my inner thigh
  34. To wear jumpers