Sunday Thoughts

So today at church we had some changes. Some people were released from the callings they had. One of my leaders who is going somewhere else told us something funny today but something that I absolutely LOVED! "Find the fun. When life punches you in the face, say thank you. May I have another? And … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts


So my post today is titled A.W.E. I know, kind of a weird title. But stick with me. There's more to it. I titled it AWE which is my acronym for ANNOYED WITH EVERYONE. Those are my legit feelings right now. Haha! I know, I am so bad, but it's the honest truth, and the … Continue reading A.W.E.


If you haven't noticed already, I am doing a series of blog posts in regards to the personality test I took. It is called 16 Personalities, so I suggest you take it! And if you haven't read my other posts in regards to my personality, please go read them. They are titledĀ Getting to Know Your … Continue reading Friendships